Urnatur: Our Swedish doppelganger

Urnatur, in Swedish translates to "ancient nature" or as "made from nature". This couple runs an eco-lodge in the Swedish forest, while also designing and selling textiles and other such work, grow food, catch wild game and completely live the life we will one day live. I first heard of them when I was making display for Anthropologie, via the short documentary series the anthropologist- which did a great job of capturing the serene soulful nature of how this couple lives and works. These images I've posted due absolutely nothing to evoke the exceptional beauty of their practice. Who finds butterflies that color? These Swedes do.- L 

Happy Autumn

After a month and a half, we still are not jaded from the scenery. like this image for example, I took this while schlepping myself down the stairs a couple mornings ago. Apparently, Fort Bragg sees a healthy Indian Summer - though true, we can feel the temps dropping in the morning. Thermometer read low 40's at about 8am. The rain is supposed to start sometimes, anytime. I'll have to get me a pair of wellies so I can still trudge through the farm. My last pair I accidentally left in a taxi in New York. What an odd juxtaposition... L


Tracking the Beard. First Installment.

darrick rasmussen furniture
In these parts- The Beard: adored, coveted and serious. D trims the stache but check out that neck. Stay tuned.

Exercises come to a close

college of the redwoods furniture
Last Friday at Elephants, the woodworking school's weekly gathering, a select few students burned their cabinet projects. Seems dramatic, but the cabinet they made was presented as a 'sow's ear' project- not to be mulled over too much.

Town Curiosity



9.17.11 Drawing

Lana Fee Rasmussen Art
I've been getting intimate with my micron pens and drafting table. Fun stuff!- L

Mendo County Fair

We headed to Booneville on Sunday, as we were told not to miss the sheep dog trials. So impressive! Seeing two kids from Surf City at this kind of County Fair, the kind with a rodeo and apple show, is like watching someone play with bubble wrap for the first time. The funny part is that we ran into a ton of people we knew. Small town flavor is seeping into our bloodstream.


Something to write home about

There's nothing like a murderer on the loose in your new locale. This guy is directly linked to multiple shootings in the area (really close to us), one of which was a high profile Fort Bragg council member a few weeks ago. Right now he is considered to be "somewhere in the forest". Now authorities have released that they will administer a $30,000 reward for this guy, and believe that local vigilante manhunter groups have formed. Really?!

From Lana's hands

noyo food forest

noyo hill farm
1. Farming. Every week I find myself at the Noyo Food Forest, a learning garden supplying the Fort Bragg Unified School District with naturally grown fresh produce (an excellent service to the community). Also the Noyo Hill Farm, owned by the lovely John Richardson and Joanne Frazer, which sells at the weekly farmer's market and supplies the locals with a *CSA program. Behind his back, I call John my fairy godfather. He has been farming for over 40 years, speaks fluidly about surfing, affection, biodynamic farming, humanity and plants without an ounce of ego. In his free time, he passionately dances tango and makes felt. I just keep showing up to his house looking for tasks with the hope that some particles of his soul will rub off on me. A big selling point to the farm is also the 3 month old red border collie I get to hang out with. Darrick and I both have pooch fever like mad. Plus, I get lots of freshly picked food to take home. This week John gave a jar of fig jam he just made. We have been eating very well.  
*CSA- community sustained agriculture
Lana fee Rasmussen art
 2. Drawing. This is a rather poor photograph of the drawing exercise I did last week. 20 drawings in 2 hours. I enjoy this as a way of seeing my patterns- in composition, form, line quality and tools I use best. Inevitably, I get a lot of ridiculous images mixed with a few interesting ones. I learned something though and this led me to a nicer drawing I am working on now.


Cookie MONSTER prevails

Mendocino Coast CA

Queenie's Roadhouse Elk, CA

One thing I am pretty adamant about not giving up is the home delivery of the Sunday New York Times. I have a ritual. A couple weeks ago Mendocino Coast was featured in the Travel 36 hours section- a nice treat. I have since explored multiple of the suggestions listed from this article. One, an interesting fairly new contemporary gallery space just a couple miles from home called Lost Coast Culture Machine. I'm currently coercing the owner to be my new friend. More importantly, I have found the best CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE in the area at Queenie's Roadhouse Cafe in Elk. What a triumph.

The art of the drive

  Where we grew up, taking off for a Sunday drive involves more tension than solace. Our friend Jaime (also originally from Southern CA) described it simply as 'driving an hour here is not like driving an hour in Orange County'. While Darrick was out foraging for wood, I decided that the Mendocino coast between Irish Beach and Caspar was the perfect solo road trip void of crowds and smog. The initial destination was Elk, a small coastal town about 25 miles south of home. I found myself having what I call 'Vista Point' Fever. Photography was one of my goals on this excursion and I couldn't stop stopping. We all know that there are only so many photos one can take of the coastline, so here are just a few.


The Dwelling. A view out.

Ah the silence, the crisp sea laden air and the much appreciated light we have in our place has been very easy to get used to. Being outside of Fort Bragg, in Cleone, we don't get the town 'charm' chiming in our ears late at night. We have one partial shared wall with our landlord Mary, and we can't even here her practicing the bass every night. The occasional meow from Thumbs out front we might here, but other than that- our music and the sea. Feels like home.

Town Curiosity

Overboard was shot here (most of it)! Thumbs down goes to whoever has decided to do a remake with JLo playing Goldie. What?!

The Best of Paul Bunyan Days...

 There she is. 8 months full and ready to throw.

 and SHE WON! First prize was $300 too. What a gal.

 Best attitude prize- stoagie and Goonies t shirt in tow.

 Then there's orange t-shirt guy. Complete over-achiever really. He got Best All Around Logger.
And then this guy's reeboks.... $5 well spent for Labor Day Weekend festivities. Luckily we have the Mendocino County Fair to look forward to next weekend in Booneville.


Kinda Postcardy

From Darrick's Hands

darrick rasmussen furniture

darrick rasmussen furniture

darrick rasmussen furniture

Darrick is now in his fourth week at the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking program. Shown here are some exercises meant to prepare the students for their first project: the mortise and tenon, a handmade plane and dovetails. Dovetails have presented some foot stomping, as they should.


Fresh Breakfast

About 10 paces from our front door, a serious abundance of fresh blackberries awaits. For locals: old hat. For us: glorious!