Summer Print

Wilder Quarterly
 I have been waiting very patiently to pick up my copy of this publication, the lovely Wilder Quarterly. Wilder is beautifully styled and speaks to all things plant related and the myriad ways in which people make plants a part of their lives- completely perfect. This is something to be collected.   
Wilder Quarterly
A piece on dowsing.

Wilder Quarterly
 I do not understand how anyone might dismiss the beauty and intrigue of scent... Scent tells us stories of what surrounds us and what eludes us
                - Alexandra Balahoutis of Strange Invisible Perfumes

Wilder Quarterly
 The masterful hanging gardens by artists Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray.
Wilder Quarterly
The impressive designer Stephanie Smith started a farming project in Joshua Tree. I am hoping we can get out there to see this land before we head back up north. This is very interesting work!
See more at Learning to Live Here 
and Wanna Start a Commune
Wilder Quarterly
Back cover.

Greenhorns, the next generation of American farmers
I picked this up a couple months ago as I follow the Greenhorns. They have a strong commitment to new emerging farmers and provide excellent resources for such a small community. There are many, many, many tales of struggle in this book. Although at the end of each farmer's story, there is some sort of "but I couldn't imagine doing anything else in the world" sort of feeling. While farming will never be the easy route for most, I can't help but hope that someday young, small-scale ethical farmers will receive more support, rights and breaks for the work they do.


Summer 32

Lana Fee Rasmussen, "My Wind" 9/32 SoCalSeries
My Wind, 9/32.

Lana Fee Rasmussen, "Dense" 10/32 SoCalSeries
Dense, 10/32.


Long Beach Fibers

Lana Fee Rasmussen, Long beach ca
 Last week I attended the Handweaver's Guild of America Convergence in Long Beach, CA. I would say I was one of 10 under the age of thirty, which I completely appreciate. Fibers are pretty irresistable for me, and I do hope more people my age start to use their hands in this way. To really top off my textile dorkiness, on my drive home I listened to Design Sponge's After the Jump radio interview with Owyn Ruck from Textile Arts CenterCheck it out free!

I was shooed away for taking these next two photos, so I apologize for not siting the artist's names. 
HGA Convergence. Hand made hand dyed tunic

HGA Convergence Long beach, ca

Lana Fee Rasmussen fibers via HGA Convergence Long Beach ca
My purchases from Alpenglow Yarn. 2 skeins of naturally dyed wool.


Rock N Roll Farmers: Donnie & Joe Emerson

I've reached the point with Donnie & Joe Emerson's song "Baby" where I know it will always and forever remind of Summer 2012. 

Growing up on a farm outside of Spokane, WA, the Emerson brothers  wrote and recorded "Dreamin' Wild" (79') in a shanty their Dad built out on the land. Who doesn't like a story like that? They received virtually no commercial success, but somehow managed to make themselves look like superstars with custom white jumpsuits and Scott Baio hair. 

Light in the Attic just reissued this gem and also made a supplementary 7 min doc on the brothers.    


Summer 32

Lana Fee Rasmussen art, Bison, 6/32 SoCal Series
Bison, 6/32.

Lana Fee Rasmussen art, Aspen, 7/32, SoCal Series
Aspen, 7/32.

Lana Fee Rasmussen art, Monster 2, 8/32, SoCal Series
Monster 2, 8/32.


Thyra the Great

Thyra Heder Illustration
 Thyra Heder is a wildly hilarious person and undoubtedly gifted artist. I love everything that she contributes to our twisted world. This is a rather embarrassingly small taste of what Thyra can do, just a few favorites. Visit her site here and delightful blog Unique You Nork
Thyra Heder Illustration

Thyra Heder Illustration
Sharkwolf, Wolfshark. Five Leaves, Brooklyn.

Thyra Heder Illustration
Santa. Brooklyn, NY

Thyra Heder Illustration
Tan Line. Kent Ave

Thyra Heder Illustration
Booby Trap


Chair Repairs

Darrick Rasmussen furniture repairs
 My mom has this great Midcentury dining set with a couple chairs that needed to be rewoven. Darrick whipped through these. They look really clean and gorgeous. 
Darrick Rasmussen furniture repairs


Summer 32

Lana Fee Rasmussen drawing, "I Miss the Trees"
I Miss the Trees, 4/32

Lana Fee Rasmussen art, "Profiles"
Profiles, 5/32.
Southern CA Series of small drawings continues...