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noyo food forest

noyo hill farm
1. Farming. Every week I find myself at the Noyo Food Forest, a learning garden supplying the Fort Bragg Unified School District with naturally grown fresh produce (an excellent service to the community). Also the Noyo Hill Farm, owned by the lovely John Richardson and Joanne Frazer, which sells at the weekly farmer's market and supplies the locals with a *CSA program. Behind his back, I call John my fairy godfather. He has been farming for over 40 years, speaks fluidly about surfing, affection, biodynamic farming, humanity and plants without an ounce of ego. In his free time, he passionately dances tango and makes felt. I just keep showing up to his house looking for tasks with the hope that some particles of his soul will rub off on me. A big selling point to the farm is also the 3 month old red border collie I get to hang out with. Darrick and I both have pooch fever like mad. Plus, I get lots of freshly picked food to take home. This week John gave a jar of fig jam he just made. We have been eating very well.  
*CSA- community sustained agriculture
Lana fee Rasmussen art
 2. Drawing. This is a rather poor photograph of the drawing exercise I did last week. 20 drawings in 2 hours. I enjoy this as a way of seeing my patterns- in composition, form, line quality and tools I use best. Inevitably, I get a lot of ridiculous images mixed with a few interesting ones. I learned something though and this led me to a nicer drawing I am working on now.

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Rick Fee said...

Tell your fairy godfather to look after you for me.