People Making Things

 We stopped in Fairfax CA and stayed with our friend Trina for the night. For breakfast on our way out of town, we tried the Hummingbird- a very charming New Orleans style diner. After we ordered our eggs from the woman who used an authentic "Ma'am" and "Y'all", we soon realized there were some excellent photos on the walls. This woman, the owner and New Orleans native Michelle L. Elmore, is also the artist. A great experience. 

The 'grill' photos were all named after numbered Wards in NOLA. With photos like this, I enjoy thinking about the process in approaching people for these shots.

Family Making Things

 Nancy, Darrick's mama, has been constructing all kinds of vertical gardens from her succulent clippings. Her and I both gave her backyard a big creative plant boost in designing for our wedding, but she has taken on her own niche with flea market finds. SO far, this one is my favorite, made with a retro range. 
From a cherished family member's frame.

She calls this 'the womb', meaning her boxes of starts where she can then later transplant from.

 Out of her garage/barn in Laguna Beach CA, my Aunt Kathleen has started a jewelry business made from foraged pieces of sea glass. Her partner had all the finished pieces unfortunately. Many many people wrap sea glass in wire, which turns me off completely (overly crafted and kitsch-ified), but Kathleen makes very simple, elegant pieces. It's just a side business but she has a great time with it and certainly knows her glass.  

Her box of 'special pieces'. I asked her if she considered putting them online. She laughed. HI-FIVE family.

Innaway on the same coast

We traveled South for the holiday this past week, where we were able to celebrate Innaway in the same room again (except Gabe Palmer unfortunately). A couple marriages and kids later, they are still extremely enthusiastic to never stop making tunes together. Cheers to that!



innaway 2 Lana Fee Rasmussen art
INNAWAY music, Darrick's other creative endeavor. Our dear friend Reid was just staying with us, also a bandmate, and the two of them were commiserating how playing music with anyone else never quite feels the same. There is a new album which took painfully long to finish because of reasons out of the band's hands. Nevertheless, the album was mixed by John McEntire from Tortoise and the logo designed by me, Lana. Everyone is back on the West coast now, so there will inevitably be more live action

Project I

darrick rasmussen furniture
 Behold the back panel of the cabinet. Beautiful.
darrick rasmussen furniture
Ah the dovetails, all by hand. Each corner of the cabinet has these exact seven dovetails, an ambitious feat indeed- especially for the first project. DT's are one of the distinct 'the proof is in the pudding' moments for a skilled craftsman. See Prepping for Project


 We are traveling back down to Southern CA for the Thanksgiving holiday, which is met with excitement to mingle with family but also DREAD for the drive. Ending the drive with Los Angeles gridlock and lack of air quality is a nasty feeling. The photo above was taken out in front of our place, which in all fairness could pass for anywhere on the west coast. But we still choose to be enamored by the North end of CA. Regardless, we are devoted California natives and it's just always quite shocking how contrasting the North is from the South. 
 The sun rising over Anderson Valley.
 Central Valley Turbine. I absolutely love these. Eco-kinetic-sculpture.
 Then this. The grapevine on I-5
And this.


Drawing 11.11

Lana Fee Rasmussen Art
Roughly 14x17". Ink and Pencil on Paper. Take a look at the previous drawings: 9.17.11 and 10.23.11

Fort Bragg/Twin Peaks

 Aside from the fact that there have already been murders in this old gray forested Mill town since we've lived here, there are in fact many other smaller ways in which we feel we are living in a David Lynchian place like Twin Peaks. So here is a mural, seemingly just a charming choo choo train type mural on the side of an old building downtown. We were taking a closer look on a bike ride and found this hidden on the bottom........
The scary twin little girls you find in just about every horror film. And how about that rather battered looking babysitter face next to them who didn't quite make the frame. I'm a bit scared to look at it again and find them in a different position. For the record,

Beardo. 2nd Installment

I comb this with my hands everyday so I hardly notice much of a difference most of the time. The dark area at the jawline is where the bulk of it has been growing. There is also the occasional gray rogue wiry strand hanging down to the collar bone. I don't know if there is much obvious difference from the first installment. Density is hard to capture in a photograph.


Till Next Spring

 Our humble farmer's market comes to a close for the season. Luckily Noyo Hill Farm grows all winter and I can continue my work exchange, which keeps us in farm fresh local produce. This guy steals my heart every Wednesday.
 And the gypsy woman who sells sprouts.