Cookie MONSTER prevails

Mendocino Coast CA

Queenie's Roadhouse Elk, CA

One thing I am pretty adamant about not giving up is the home delivery of the Sunday New York Times. I have a ritual. A couple weeks ago Mendocino Coast was featured in the Travel 36 hours section- a nice treat. I have since explored multiple of the suggestions listed from this article. One, an interesting fairly new contemporary gallery space just a couple miles from home called Lost Coast Culture Machine. I'm currently coercing the owner to be my new friend. More importantly, I have found the best CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE in the area at Queenie's Roadhouse Cafe in Elk. What a triumph.
Queenie's has a down-home cooking type of environment: wood burning stove, CCR playing, counter for sitting, simple furniture and plaques with little sayings about queens everywhere- "It ain't easy being queen" things like that. But Queenie's is down home Mendo style- free range organic eggs, locally roasted coffee, local produce, tie-dye sashes hanging, etc. Dear Queenie, thank you for a great experience anchored by that incredible cookie. wow.

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