Exercises come to a close

college of the redwoods furniture
Last Friday at Elephants, the woodworking school's weekly gathering, a select few students burned their cabinet projects. Seems dramatic, but the cabinet they made was presented as a 'sow's ear' project- not to be mulled over too much.
Once one guy threw his in, the ancient mechanics of peer pressure kicked for a few others. Instructors said "No, don't do it. You'll regret it." Well there she goes, up in smoke. There are many rituals observed with this crowd and we're hoping that we may have established a new one- Wednesday movie night at the school. We are devoted cinephiles and just cannot get our fix from the local theater. Projector + white screen + a few people = a great makeshift solution. One more thing to add to our weekly excitement: Pint/Rib night (Thurs), Elephants (Fri), and $4.75 night at the real theater (Tues).

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Robin said...

I agree...don't do it!!!!

Any movie requests for your troupe???