Killscrow, Asagura Arts and Cultural Center, Miasa, Nagano, Japan
Photo from Asagura Facebook
Lana will be exhibiting 5 drawings at both the Matsumoto City Museum of Art (May 12-19) and the Asagura Arts and Cultural Center (June 17-July14) for the Artist Exchange Show through Mendocino Sister Cities Association

Summer 2013

February/March 2013


January 2013

Work from both of us is included in blog Design Sponge's Sneak Peak post inside Sasha Ritter and Kristin Morrison's Brooklyn apartment. Darrick's stools/coffee table in the forefront, and my drawings above the couch.    


We are currently working on streamlining our collective name Killscrow through a new site launch and through our various social media. 

Killscrow: a family name from Lana's Lenape Delaware grandmother.

Thank you to Neil Clemmons Harrison for logo love!

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