The art of the drive

  Where we grew up, taking off for a Sunday drive involves more tension than solace. Our friend Jaime (also originally from Southern CA) described it simply as 'driving an hour here is not like driving an hour in Orange County'. While Darrick was out foraging for wood, I decided that the Mendocino coast between Irish Beach and Caspar was the perfect solo road trip void of crowds and smog. The initial destination was Elk, a small coastal town about 25 miles south of home. I found myself having what I call 'Vista Point' Fever. Photography was one of my goals on this excursion and I couldn't stop stopping. We all know that there are only so many photos one can take of the coastline, so here are just a few.


Rick Fee said...

I'm sure that driving there is a welcome respite from SoCal.

Robin said...

I'm enjoying your storytelling trees...and I know pics never do them justice, they add character to your world!!