Labor Day in FB means 2 things

Paul Bunyan Days & my birthday. We know a girl who is 8 months pregnant that will be competing in the axe throwing contest this year. AXE throwing. She came in 2nd last year and has been training with a master in town. What a lady!

Town Curiosity

This sign reads: "Larry Spring- Experimental Analysis of Electromagnetic Energy" I hear he was an incredible man. He used to hold courses here in town where the storefront

A Couple Friends.

Introducing: the cat Thumbs. She has thumbs. Taffy is her given name. She greets us every morning. And the sea dogs are right out front, about 50 of them.


Braggamuffins are alive!

fort bragg, ca

Hello! NO AGRESSIVE PAN HANDLING says the FBPD. We are a few weeks in and still sorting the logistical side of our life in Fort Bragg, CA. The whimsical side has been twirling about ever since Aug 8- indefinite quiet time, indefinite beards,