Prepping for Project 1

 A mock up. A low mounted cabinet. As simple as it looks, there are many nuances and "low mounted cabinet" kind of makes people shrug. Clean and classic. All the projects are varied, with some obviously made from hands of devout James Krenov followers, the man who originally started the program. Exceptional craftsmanship is of course the bottom line. 
 Darrick has been through a lot with the selection of wood. In addition to finding what suits him, Darrick also has to contend with the expertise of the shop manager and faculty. One does not just point and purchase. Each wood corresponds with the appropriate design. After opening his last piece to a string of blue mold, Darrick finally decided on Teak- always a fine choice. This photo shows the piece pre-planed. A few inches think too.
 There she is opened up. 
D's tool set up. Each student has his or her own little cubby just like this one.

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Rick Fee said...

Is that a coffin for Bassler you're making?