Family Making Things

 Nancy, Darrick's mama, has been constructing all kinds of vertical gardens from her succulent clippings. Her and I both gave her backyard a big creative plant boost in designing for our wedding, but she has taken on her own niche with flea market finds. SO far, this one is my favorite, made with a retro range. 
From a cherished family member's frame.

She calls this 'the womb', meaning her boxes of starts where she can then later transplant from.

 Out of her garage/barn in Laguna Beach CA, my Aunt Kathleen has started a jewelry business made from foraged pieces of sea glass. Her partner had all the finished pieces unfortunately. Many many people wrap sea glass in wire, which turns me off completely (overly crafted and kitsch-ified), but Kathleen makes very simple, elegant pieces. It's just a side business but she has a great time with it and certainly knows her glass.  

Her box of 'special pieces'. I asked her if she considered putting them online. She laughed. HI-FIVE family.

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