Fort Bragg/Twin Peaks

 Aside from the fact that there have already been murders in this old gray forested Mill town since we've lived here, there are in fact many other smaller ways in which we feel we are living in a David Lynchian place like Twin Peaks. So here is a mural, seemingly just a charming choo choo train type mural on the side of an old building downtown. We were taking a closer look on a bike ride and found this hidden on the bottom........
The scary twin little girls you find in just about every horror film. And how about that rather battered looking babysitter face next to them who didn't quite make the frame. I'm a bit scared to look at it again and find them in a different position. For the record,
I absolutely love David Lynch and found a recent quote of his that made me smile- smile and shake my head is the more accurate response I usually have: He was asked (essentially) how it feels when he catches an incredible idea.
"Many times it's just a little minnow, and everybody has lots of minnows for sure. We all have ideas. But if you get a little minnow that's got gold flecks and a violet tail, and when you look at it, it shoots light into you and when you hold it, it makes you vibrate with happiness, that's a special little idea and you start falling in love with it."
Thanks David. 

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