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Shaker Furniture, Photo by William F. Winter
Carpenter's Bench. Photo William F. Winter
 The function, craftsmanship and ethos of Shaker life has always been intriguing, especially how it effects their built environment. There are many romantic quotes from the sect regarding their approach to craft, none of which they intended to sound romantic to us of the outside world I'm sure. There is certainly something in the Shakers' closeness to every material aspect of their lives that so many young people are trying to connect with once again- though I'm sure you won't see me or any of my friends rising into the workshop at 5am, peforming my "sundry chores" before 6am, working aaaalll day until the "bell on the roof of the dwelling sounded the five-minute warning for supper" at 6pm. Never say never. 

From Mother Ann:
Do your work as though had a thousand years to live, and as if you were to die tomorrow

These images and words from 
Shaker Furniture: The Craftsmanship of an American Communal Sect
Edwards Deming Andrews and Faith Andrews
Shaker Furniture, Photo by William F. Winter
High pine desk used by trustees. Photo William F. Winter

Shaker Furniture, Photo by William F. Winter
Pegs and pulls. Photo William F. Winter
The craftsmanship of the Shakers, being a joint or community enterprise, is definitely distinguished by that fact from the products of individual effort. One result, of course, was a tendency towards uniformity. But more important was the evolution of certain standards of excellence whose widespread application was made possible by the compactness of the group and the genuineness of its ideals. Talent was stimulated by social contacts, the constant exchange and interaction of ideas and the consciousness of a united destiny.
Shaker Furniture, Photo by William F. Winter
Corner of early Shaker schoolroom. Desk, bench and hanging rack.
Photo William F. Winter

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