Yaffe Mays

Yaffe Mays, Personhood
Personhood, exhibited in 'DUBH - dialogues in black' at the American Irish Historical Society on Fifth Avenue in New York in October/November 2011 and at the Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin in February/March 2012.

Last year a lot shifted at CR Fine Woodworking with the appointment of Laura Mays as its new director. On Darrick's end, he feels such overwhelming gratitude for sharing his first two years in the shop with Laura's first two years as director- momentous, life-changing years for both. On my end, I am more closely involved with Laura's partner, CR graduate Rebecca Yaffe and their gorgeous off-spring Thea. After weeks of stalling, I finally realized why I found this post so difficult to articulate. It is due to the deeply rewarding nature of my personal relationship with Yaffe Mays as a family. Although, I find the personal is essentially always a part of the woodworking community sprung from College of the Redwoods. It is what students rely on when they feel a little bananas in the shop and need to commiserate. It is what compels the instructors to open the doors of their homes to entire classes overnight each year. It is what bonds families of students outside of the shop. And it is certainly what makes the work special.

All things personal aside, the creative partnership of Yaffe Mays has recently opened an exciting inaugural group show at San Francisco's (seriously new) New Black Gallery- an impressive 9,000 square foot industrial space in SF's Mission, which appears to be marketed as a retail environment/gallery. The opening in September seems to have been nothing short of a wild success, for the space and for Yaffe Mays.  We cannot wait to explore the gallery ourselves and are thrilled at the prospect of such an interesting collaborative space being invested in makers from the CR family.

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*Some images shown are of work "made by one or other of us before we formed the partnership." 

Yaffe Mays, Wholeness
Wholeness, 2012. Photo David Welter

#2 Light

Yaffe Mays, Moon Spoon Holly. December 2010.
Moon Spoon Holly. December 2010.

Yaffe Mays, Sligo 1, 2009
Sligo 1, 2009

Yaffe Mays, Sligo2 'The Twins' Irish walnut, oil finish, 2009.
Sligo2 'The Twins' Irish walnut, oil finish, 2009.

Yaffe Mays, Two of ten boxes made for the Of Colour in Craft exhibition. 2002.
Two of ten boxes made for the Of Colour in Craft exhibition. 2002.

Yaffe Mays, Stefan 4 Corrugated cardboard. 2010
Stefan 4 Corrugated cardboard. 2010

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