Outside Stuff

Killscrow, Spring planting
The high today is 77F with very little wind. That's pretty much as warm as it gets on the Mendocino Coast. 

We recently ate some of our first salad greens grown from the soil we amended from our very own compost. Bouncy, crisp, delightful. I am a big nerd about this stuff! These doggy-bag looking containers are perfect for the nomadic existence we endure.    
Killscrow, Wild Woman Tincture
I've started straining off some of the tinctures I started months ago. This one is called The Wild Woman Tincture, something just for the ladies. Thanks to local herbalist Karin C. Uphoff for the recipe. 

Killscrow, Worm Bin
My volume of worms has increased at least 20 fold since we moved here. Since we can't have a dog yet, I settle for these slime bag workaholics. 

Killscrow, Cleone Neighborhood

Killscrow, Mocern Farmer
Our friend Johnny just passed us the first copy of the new magazine Modern Farmer (from the editor of Monocle magazine). There is much more sophisticated styling than any other agriculturally driven publication. Like candy. 

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