Drawings Japan bound

Killscrow, Miasa Asagura Arts and Cultural Center
Among several other local artists, I was selected by the Mendocino Sister Cities Association for the Miasa-Omachi Artist Exchange Exhibitions this summer. Saturday I delivered five drawings, framed and packaged for the two shows in Nagano, Japan. The exhibition will first stop at the Matsumoto City Museum of Art from May 12-19, then will travel to the Asagura Arts and Cultural Center (pictured above) in the small town of Miasa June 17-July14.

Darrick fashioned some gorgeous, clean Walnut frames that suit the work perfectly. The joinery shown below is much more special than the average miter. We are both very pleased with this collaboration indeed, and do hope our Japanese counterparts enjoy the work as well. I am very humbled to be a part of this exhibition! 
Killscrow, Darrick Rasmussen woodwork, handmade frames

Killscrow, Lana Fee Rasmussen drawings, Metal Hair
The final drawing I chose to submit is from 2012, Metal Hair (15x22"). Three of the other drawings are shown in the previous post, and first drawing here.

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