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Lana Fee Rasmussen, Killscrow exhibition Lost Coast Culture Machine

Reception at Lost Coast Culture Machine in Fort Bragg. 5-9pm

This is the second and final installment of my exhibition Grounding, drawings and installation. Bob Rhoades will be showing an installation in the project room of the gallery as well.

These are a couple images from the second phase.
Lana Fee Rasmussen, Killscrow exhibition Lost Coast Culture Machine

My exhibition statement...

The nature of my participation in the community of Fort Bragg is finite. In fact, my participation in communities has been transient for the past eight years, which has shaped the way I work today.

During a brief stay in my native Southern California in the summer of 2012, I constructed an uncurated series of 32 small drawings. Each drawing is more formal than a sketch, but less developed than a polished piece. Each drawing was constructed in a private or public space that did not belong to me. I treated this process as a survey of my form. Upon completion, I began to see recurring abstracted themes in the images, namely: fibers, interiors, architectural fragments, botanicals and humor. For me, these images mirror the simple things that ground me to my own finite spaces, evocative of the life of plants, the warmth of textiles, treasure collections and figures of humor.

In this exhibition, I surround myself with these grounding forms working directly onto the gallery walls. I will create my impermanent home once again from these images, all ready to package up again. I will briefly construct a space that feels static, as if it can never escape me.

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