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Darrick and I have agreed that if ever we were paid to take photographs, we would hope to do it the way Leslie Williamson does. In plain terms, she travels the world photographing interiors of the foremost makers of the modern mid-20th Century era, predominantly. I wrote briefly about her previous book Handcrafted Modern: At Home With Mid-Century Designers in a previous post here, but she needs donations to finish the next installment Handcrafted Modern Europe! Watch the video above to get a strong sense of the project's need or simply link directly to the Kickstarter page here

I have always been a little bored with some publications solely dedicated to pictures of interiors. While I may enjoy the content, the images start to feel muddled quite rapidly. Leslie captures something much more personal. She pays genuine allegiance to a canon of modern craftspeople that we too idolize. As important as this work is for its preservation of these people and places, memorializing a time when people valued things with such care in the home can only mean great things for makers today. 

We were both pleasantly surprised when Leslie recently came by both of our Feb 1 exhibition receptions while she was in town on a writing jaunt in Mendocino. In the ten minutes I spent talking with her, there was certainly no mistaking her complete devotion to this work. She is a one-woman show and very much an artist simply trying to do everything to continue working. This book has to be made! 


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