Project II Completed + Open House

 There she is. Darrick's completed Vidar Chair. He spent all of Wednesday weaving the seat from Danish cord, a major first for him. Everything turned out beautifully. AND she's extremely comfortable!

Shop was turned into a sort of makeshift gallery. There was quite a bit of traffic.

The plane and tools station for visitors to explore.

Bryce Green continuing to work his own weaving.

Johnny Williams stool/step ladder for his niece (I hope I'm describing that properly). Very cool design. These are two of the same, showing them from each view.
JOhnny's drawings.

Adam Vorath had these W.W.J.K.D. [What Would James Krenov Do?] bracelets made earlier in the year.

Anton's chairs. Butt cheeks provided.

Redwood Coast Skateboard. Tom Humphrey. Ash. local sand and epoxy resin.

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Rick Fee said...

Very cool chair.
Great work Darrick!