Wendell Berry on Affection

Wendell Berry. Photo Guy Mendes
Photo Guy Mendes
Wendell Berry, the poet, essayist, farmer, novelist and conservationist was recently awarded the prestigious honor of delivering the 41st Jefferson lecture in the Humanities, titled "It All Turns on Affection"- sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Berry provides a beautifully expressed voice for the ideas that so many more young people are beginning to turn to in terms of what we need heading into the future. Put simply, we need AFFECTION- not just for each other but for "the possibility of a neighborly, kind and conserving economy". Sounds like hippy stuff?? Berry will undoubtedly convince you of the fundamental necessity behind this idea. I'm sure of it.  

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Watch the video HERE  [skip to 11min to skip the intro]

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