David Alan Collection

 We have family in Del Mar, San Diego and whenever we pass through we stop at David Alan on Cedros Ave. The place is tri-level packed with a collection of furnishings and decorative objects imported from East Asia, namely Bali, Thailand and Japan. It's fun to just walk through, especially now with a more probing craftsman's eye. The chairs pictured here are George Nakashima remakes, made in Bali. The joinery is quite crude but Mr. Alan is certainly laughing all the way down to the bank with these classic designs marked at a healthy wage. 
 Stacks of these Nakashima chairs are all over the basement. Laura Mays, the woodworking program's new director told Darrick that she thought no one would be able to get away with producing remakes like this in America, but since they are being made in Bali...
 There is a nice collection of old boat wood from Indonesia as well, such as the drawers here.
 This Japanese Art Deco piece above is nice as well. A specialty of David Alan is the sale of flat wood slabs- incredibly thick beautiful slabs of teak and what not. 

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