Final drawings of Summer 32 Series!

Lana Fee Rasmussen, Treasures 28/32
Treasures, 28/32
Hoping to release much of the work from this entire series to the public as soon as possible! Working this way has been quite interesting- quick and small with little to no pre-sketches. I've heard these images would make great t-shirts, tattoos and prints. I'd love any feedback...

Click HERE to see the entire collection. 

Lana Fee Rasmussen, Sea & Grain, 29/32
Sea & Grain, 29/32

Lana Fee Rasmussen, Fiber on Paper, 30/32
Fiber on Paper, 30/32

Lana Fee Rasmussen, Schtacks, 31/32
Schtacks, 31/32

Lana Fee Rasmussen, Fictitious Botanical, 32/32
Fictitious Botanical, 32/32

1 comment:

Rick Fee said...

Yes t-shirts etc. are a great idea.
Maybe cards as well.