Settling Back into the Mendocino Coast

 We've officially kicked off year two in Fort Bragg, CA. Returning to the abundance of roadside activity is making me smile- wild foragers, decorated hitchhikers, the new farm stand at the end of our street (YES!), turkey vulture conferences and all the original back-to-the-landers looking for a honk in support of their miniscule Occupy and Peace demonstrations. We love it here. Today: Darrick- first day of year two at CR Fine Furniture program. Me- dreaming big for this year in terms of artwork, weaving, food raising, establishing a few new relationships and big time mischief overall.

Just outside the front door. Breakfast and dessert.

My best kimchi yet since I picked up the proper red pepper.

Morning ladies.

Backyard hunting.

So what if it's grey here.

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