Lana Fee Rasmussen Art
 Important stuff, doodles. Today I finally prepared my paper for a proper drawing, but recently I've been messing around with things like this pattern above and these line drawings below. 
Lana Fee Rasmussen Art

Lana Fee Rasmussen Art
A quote on doodling from my absolute favorite artist, the New Zealander Len Lye [1901-1980]:

In the mid-50's I was scratching white ziggle-zag-splutter scratches on black 16mm film in doodling fashion. I always do doodle type images when I'm fishing for something to kind of feel at most one with my self. I doodle with pen and pencil; or bits of steel I waggle; film I scratch. When I was, say, twenty to over forty a bit, my doodles looked like the start of a myth; and this, the doodle, was how the myth was;then with metal and film work their imagery got an ultimate look of energy, such as a principle of harmonics, particles, orbital whippy rhythm-whips; endless ways that energy can be depicted unconsciously as if by doodling.

from Figures of Motion Len Lye Selected Writings 

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