Secret Santa Gift: Cashing In

 In class, the students did a $5 Secret Santa gift exchange over the holiday. We were away for most of Christmas vacation, including the night of the actual exchange. Anton, the Swede, picked Darrick's name. The gift came wrapped in a very large box and was described by Anton as "...more of an experience" and labeled something like "To the first woodworker to fly in space." Pictured above is Darrick holding his gift, a handmade "Darrick" doll attached to a sort of makeshift rocket in order to be shot through a potato launcher into the ether.
The other night Anton loaded the launcher and sent Darrick out in space. Dear Anton, thank you for knowing how to sew little doll clothes, carving phallic fruits, wearing impressive hats, getting kicked out of bars with your family and making everyone's experience here richer. Love, everyone who knows you.

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Anonymous said...

Now you made me blush, dammit! Cool blog 'n your work is too, very cool, take care of buttiboy and yourself, hope to meet again :) //Anton