San Francisco

 It's not everyday we get out to the big city. The original reason we made this trip was to use the tickets we had to see Portishead, easily one of my favorite recording artists alive today- a group who rarely plays live at all (an absolutely incredible show!). We made a weekend out of it and ate our way around SF. The temperatures soured through the 70's and Dolores Park was packed with your average hula hooper, spiked edible salesperson, hacky sacker, interpretive dancer, gutter punk and Silicon Valley professional.
 What would San Francisco be without it's own "Occupy" encampment?
Something I did not want to miss was the famous Ferry PLaza Farmer's Market. It's massive and a quite serious affair. Market culture is 'my people'
Drawing Inspiration, look no further. Biracial, possibly pregnant, llama headed women with glowing pink crystals which emit a joint rainbow. Call me literal but that's just what I see. This taken from the famous Clarion Alley in the Mission.

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