Extended Farm Education

  I have been scouring the area for more exposure to the many ways in which people farm. Two weekends ago, I attended a portion of the Northern California Biodynamic Association's Fall Meeting set at the certified biodynamic farm called the Live Power Community Farm- an incredibly admirable model of agriculture. I am just starting to understand what exactly biodynamic farming/gardening actually is (still I can only superficially explain it). I figured I'd at least show up to the potluck, take the farm tour and just see what I could absorb. A potluck of farmers is the potluck you want to eat at! I ended up spending half of my time talking with a self-proclaimed priest named Tim John, who lives out of his car in the Lost Coast most of the year. Interesting.
 Rachel and Arjun, partner and son of another student in Darrick's woodworking program, have been a couple gardening buddies of mine at the Noyo Food Forest. Pictured here is Rachel showing me how to use the tiller so we can create better walkways in the garden. We all confessed that we loved operating heavy machinery, but Rachel definitely one-upped everyone when she started tilling with Arjun strapped across her chest! Mamas around here impress me.  
On my way to Auburn to meet some family, I made a stop at the Rudolph Steiner Biodynamic farm in Fair Oaks, CA. It was a quick stop, but all the plants and animals were beautiful. Pictured here is a pristine sitting area wedged in between the vegetation.

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Robin said...

Of course, I notice the boy and his buckskin moccasins. What a great commune you've joined!!